we help you reconnect with life.

When your relationships are in trouble. When your family isn’t on speaking terms. When your child seems to be in a dark place. When you’re hurting from unshakeable anxiety or depression. These are the times to trust Family Therapy Toronto, a caring psychotherapy practice that can help guide you toward achieving real connectedness with yourself and the people most important to you—your spouse or partner, your children, your parents, siblings, co-workers, and friends.

Individual Psychotherapy

individual psychotherapy

A goal of individual psychotherapy is to give you control over those aspects of your life where you feel you have too little or none at all. We’re here to help you grab hold of the reins so you can move forward with motivation and self-confidence.

couples counselling

To experience true intimacy, people romantically involved must be able to show emotional vulnerability to one another, but safely. We help you find the ability to communicate with and be fully open around your partner while feeling completely secure as you do it.

Couples Counselling
Family Counselling

family counselling

When people are in the grip of a mental health issue, or when household dynamics turn toxic and unmanageable, family members oftentimes pull back from those closest to them. But it’s altogether too easy to become trapped in that place of isolation. We’ll help you find your way back to connectedness so that you—and the other members of your family—can recover, heal, renew, and grow.

child therapy

The emotional stresses and strains on children today are unlike any of times past. Family Therapy Toronto is a place where your child can safely open up about inner turmoil and gain the tools needed to successfully complete the journey to mentally healthy adulthood.

Child Therapy
Parent Coaching

parent coaching

It’s perfectly normal for parents to struggle with childrearing and wonder if they’re doing their children more harm than good. We can help you develop the insights, skills, and confidence it takes nowadays to be a successful and engaged parent.

Stacey Brion

Meet Stacey Brion

Meet Stacey Brion. Stacey is a Registered Psychotherapist in good standing with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Stacey is friendly, easy to talk to, an excellent listener, respectful and non-judgmental, and willing to go the extra mile for you to see that you receive the support you need.